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Community & Sustainability

Blend 111 is committed to positively impacting our community and developed several programs that we implement throughout the year. 

First, we work to have a minimal footprint on our environment. We do this through concrete actions like:

  • Targeting 95% of our food, wine, and other beverages from organic, biodynamic and sustainable producers
  • Sourcing local food providers within 200 miles of Vienna, and in the case of our wines and green coffee, investing in carbon offsets for the transportation 
  • Providing our electric power through renewable energy with offsets
  • Refusing to use any disposable plastics, including straws
  • Utilizing sugarcane "to-go" cups and 100% compostable containers
  • Investing in a commercial composting
  • Purchasing renewable or recycled products when available and/or working with vendors that take concrete steps to minimize their environmental footprint
  • Investing in carbon-offsets for the transportation costs related to the transportation of our coffee and wine

Second, we support a number of 501(c)(3) organizations committed to improving the environment, food security, health and well-being of our local and global community. Our partnerships for 2019 - 2020 include:

Third, with our farmers/producers, we also are seeking to expand partnerships where we can promote their business through direct trade practices and the elimination of non-value-add intermediaries and certification organizations. 

Please visit Blend 111 for more details on our programs.