Red Cape Macabeo Ecologico (2018) - Blend 111

Red Cape Macabeo Ecologico (2018) (case of 6)

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Red Cape Macabeo is a highly sought-after organic white wine that hails from the lush vineyards of Spain. This particular vintage features a pale yellow color with a hint of green, which is indicative of its youth and freshness.

On the nose, this wine offers a delightful bouquet of fresh and floral aromas, mingled with subtle notes of white and tropical fruits. The nose is delicate and inviting, drawing you in for a taste.

When you take a sip, you will be greeted by a wine that is intense, fresh, and harmonious. The flavors are well-balanced and perfectly integrated, making for a wine that is easy to drink and enjoy. The finish is persistent, and it leaves a lasting impression on the palate. The fruity sensations from the nose do not come back on the taste but you can still feel the freshness and harmony.

Overall, Red Cape Macabeo is a delicious and refreshing white wine that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking to pair it with a light meal or simply enjoy it on its own, this wine is sure to please. This wine is made with care and dedication, respecting the environment and the health of the drinker.

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